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Cinematic Movements

Los Angeles, CA

Tel: 626-581-6804

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Terms and Conditions


Full Day Shoot Rate: Day rate is based on a 10 hour day from arrival to departure from location. 12 hour day rates may be slightly higher. Locations with drive time more than an hour may have in and out times adjusted accordingly. Overtime of 1.5X the Operator hourly rate for first 2 hours. 2X Operator hourly rate for hours 3 and 4. All overtime hours over 5 are at 3X Operator hourly rate. Consideration may be made for travel hours at the end of a shoot day but must be agreed in advance.


Half Day Shoot Rate: Up to 5 hours, Operator rate is based on 60% of full day rate, equipment does not have a half day rate.  All half day’s MUST be negotiated in advance or FULL day rate applies. Any time over the 5 hours is a full day.


Travel: Half day rate of 50% of full operator rate is charged for travel days.

Any day where we travel and work in the same day is considered a FULL DAY with time starting at either time of departure or call time on location, ending at either end of shoot or arrival at destination. Overtime will be charged accordingly.


Expenses: All expenses including but not limited to Fuel at $.55 per Mile, Airline tickets, Per Diem at Federal rate, baggage fees, Rental vehicle, Hotel (Single Occupancy only) are to be covered by the client.


Insurance and liability for all equipment provided is the responsibility of the client. An Insurance rider may be required before production.


Cancellation: Once booked on your project I hold the day exclusively for your project thus turning away other jobs for that time frame. In doing so I must charge cancellation fees accordingly.

  • *If cancelled within 12 hours of call time a FULL RATE cancellation fee is charged including all fees from travel expenses booked. IE: Airline tickets and Hotels.

  • *If cancelled within 24 Hours of call time, 1/2 day rate plus 1/2 of equipment rate is charged including all related non refundable travel expenses.

  • *If cancelled within 72 hours of call time I only ask for the courtesy to be re booked if the project is still open.


I understand weather and other outside forces have an impact on production. I will work with you as long as there is an open line of communication.


For any questions please contact us.

Thank You,


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