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Jib Specifications - 6' - 40'  "reach" available

Does not include the tail length which can vary between 3' - 9' see chart below

The reach of the jib is the distance from the pivot point (Tripod) to the Camera


  • Can handle cameras up to 55lbs. (22.6kg) at 30ft (9.1m) reach

  • Head can be mounted on top or underslung.

  • Super smooth, pan/tilt head is fast and quiet.

  • Dutch Head (3 Axis - Pan, Tilt & Roll) also available.

  • 20' Dolly Track for specialty shots also available.


How much space do you need to setup?

It is important to keep in mind the jib tail arm plus its operator, it is important  for the operator to have sufficient work space to move freely. See Charts to the left and below to plan out the ideal work space requirements.


What kind of cameras can I mount on a Jib?

Cinematic Movements Jibs can handle almost all broadcast video cameras and film cameras within a weight of 50 pounds. Lens compatibility...ENG video lens are compatible with our Jib focus servos. Small size style cameras (like Panasonic HPX 170, Canon XF305, Sony EX3 etc.) can be also used but remote zoom/focus control must be handled by each respective camera’s company accessories or aftermarket companies such as Varizoom. We have Canon/Sony Lanc controls. Film kit focus controls system can also be used for special setups like wireless remote focus (for example Redrock Micro wireless follow focus). Also available.


Cinematic Movements offers those shots DP's, Producer or Director dream of. What ever your camera preference is we can fly them all. We have plenty of experience flying ARRI ALEXA, REDs (all of them), CANON C300/C500, Sony F55 / F65, and more (even DSLRs).


Some jobs may require a Jib Assist in addition to an Operator.

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