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About Us

Hello, my name is Gus, founder of Cinematic Movements which was officially launched in August of 2014. I have been a full time professional photographer for the past 5 years and have been shooting video and stills for the past 12 years. I have roughly 3 years experience on steadicam and two years on JIB. I first got my Glidecam 4000 Pro and smooth shooter vest to start shooting weddings. Since then I have shot several independent films and upgraded to a steadicam rig capable of flying up to 33 lbs. My JIB experience first came about at my church where I operate a 39' CAMMATE JIB Series 2000 with a Dutch pan and tilt head. The amount of hours and experience with HD Broadcast cameras and equipment has been an absolute blessing! The services are internationally broadcast on TV and major networks as well as live streamed via the web. I average around 16 hours a week for the past two years here so I have quite a bit of JIB experience. Since then I have purchased my very own Industry standard 40' JIB with a Dutch pan and tilt head. Capable of flying camera rigs up to 66 lbs. In addition to an arsenal of accessories to support both JIB and Steadicam such as Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus, Paralinx Wireless video transmitters, Small HD Dp7 Hight Bright Monitors, 15mm rail shoulder rigs, V-Mount  "brick" batteries, Manfrotto Tripods and heads, Sliders, Dollys and the list just goes on and on.  With skill sets ranging from various aspects of live production to post production this has allowed me to work for clients such as ESL, ESPN, Blizzard Entertainment, G-Gaming, Red Bull, Asus, NetherRealm Studios, Acclaim Entertainment, Cloud B, Baggstreet Productions, Lionsgate, Exchange LA, Yahoo Live Nation, Faith Community Church, Saddleback Church, NAMM Show and many Independant Productions.

Brief summary of our equipment...

• 40' JIB Crane with Dutch Head (50 lbs camera capacity)

2 Ch Iris and Zoom Controller for film 0.8 pitch gears. Canon Lanc Controls.
• Steadicam Full arm and vest setup (33 lbs camera capacity)
• Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus
• Paralinx Wireless HDMI video transmitter for focus puller and directors monitors.
• Canon XF300 and Canon 7D's cameras and lenes
• Shoulder rigs, Tripods, Slider, 15mm rails, basic lighting, v-mount batteries, monitors, etc...

•Carbon Fiber 12' Boom pole, Blimp and Dead cat with Industry Standard Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic. UHF Wireless Lav mics and Zoom H4n for on location audio recording.

• In house Post Production Facility

Powerful Editing workstations with Adobe Premiere CS6, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Lightroom, Recording Studio for ADR and Vocal performances.


Faith Community Church - Aug. 2012 - Present - Sr. Jib Operator (39' Cammate Dutch Head), Handheld and Main Cam.

• Time in Between - Feature Film - 2013

B Cameraman - Steadicam and JIb Operator

• - Commercial - 2014

Director of Photography, Camera, Lights, Sound.

• Bad Friends and Family - Pilot - 2014

Director of Photography, Steadicam

• The Lion - Project Green Light - 2014

Director of Photography, Camera, Lights, Sound.

• Grey - Feature Film - 2014

Steadicam Operator

• Snapchat - Commercial - 2014

Jib Technician

• Family Guy - 100th Episode - 2013

Production Assistant

• BeFit  Lionsgate Youtube Channel - 2013

BTS Photographer, Production Assistant

Cinematic Projects

I am capable of operating camera, steadicam or jib all the way up to producing and editing small commercials, music videos, conferences etc... Also able to record professional audio. 

My steadicam reel is available upon request. I am a experienced camera operator having dealt with Sony HD Broadcast ENG cameras with Canon lenses as well as Canon C100, C300, XF300 video cameras, Sony EX1, DSLR's Canon 7D 5D Mark III Nikon D800 recording to external recorders Atomos Ninja 2, RED's you name it.


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Cinematic Movements

Los Angeles, CA

Tel: 626-581-6804

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